On private information

Sanki Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Sanki) are engaged in the following tasks for the purpose of protecting private information.

We obtain and use private information in a legal and proper way.

In collecting private information, we specify the intended purpose of use as clearly as possible and, indicating query window, minimize an extent of collection and use. Private information we handle is in principle used for the purposes stated below.

* To provide product, information and service and make their improvement.
* To help development of new products and drafting of new plans.
* To deliver a gift in the advertising campaign and the like.

In handling private information, we endevour to take necessary and proper measures for the prevention of its leak, loss and damage.

We shall never exhibit and disclose private information.
We collected to the third party without your permission except a case of legal demand. In addition, we take proper measures to prevent loss,falsification, damage and leak. We however may exhibit such private information without your consent if we are required to do so by law or by a public organization.
There may be a case where we entrust the external party with the handling of private information, when we make requisite contract to put it under our proper supervision.
We obey the law and ordinance relevant to the protection of private information, while we continuously review and improve our stancetoward the protection of private information.

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On copyright

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On limits of liability

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