Here is SOF-300 with full original technology available from SANKI.
Many unique ideas added to technology accumulated over years.
This is the BEST press performance SANKI has to offer in the narrow web printing industry.



Latest technology & equipment [Guideless]

SANKI has not incorporated a so-called "Paper Guide" that produces a remarkably bad result on work efficiency. Technology accumulated over years and web guide system have released operator from a lot of troubles arising in changing rolls of web and removing glue for maintenance of units.


  • Air shaft
  • Web guide system
  • Automatic ink washup system
  • Print register check camera
  • UV curing system (air-cooled 3.6KW)
  • Dampening water circulating device
  • Twisted plate correcting device
  • PS plate punching device


  • Flexo varnishing unit
  • Magnetic cylinder die-cutting unit
  • In-line laminating unit
  • Waste matrix rewinding device
  • Back printing exclusive use unit (letterpress)


Max. web width (mm) 300
Min. web width (mm) 120
Max. print width (mm) 280
Feed length (mm) 120 - 254
Printing speed (shots/min) 245 (40m/min. ristricted by feed length)
Unwinder & rewinder (mmφ) 550
Number of colors 2 - 9
Press dimensions (LxWxH mm) 7,000x860x1,570
Electric requirements 3φ 200VAC 75A 26KVA



Dancer roll device

continues to give tension to web and realizes always consistent web feed.


Web guide system

precisely guides any widths of web with latest supersonic sensor and thus established a new common wording named "guideless".


Colored LCD touch screen

enables everyone to easily command various instructions on a single screen to prevent operation errors.


Dampening water circulating device

Sanki proper device keeps water membrane always consistent through a motor-driven water fountain roller. Fixed-volume diluting device too, incorporated as standard equipment, stably regulates the Ph value and keeps the plate surface temperature consistent.


Anti-emulsification / greasing function

Sanki proper function keeps the plate surface clean by completely shutting off a consecutive supply of ink and water, while always rotating the print cylinder and the blanket cylinder at a certain speed in the idling mode. In restarting, it also supplies sufficient water to the plate surface through the water fountain roller, while rotating both of these cylinders at a high speed. This allows the speedy restart of printing in a clean condition.


"Easy" plate mounting function

enables the easy mounting of plate onto the print cylinder, with its installing positions accurately cut out on the plate punching device exclusivery provided.


"Easy" blanket function

Sanki proper function does not need changing blankets because the feed length changes. Its simple design requires nothing but to set the impression cylinder position to the feed length.


In-line laminating unit

enables the consistent laminating in one web pass.


Flexo varnishing unit

A chamber type of unit keeps varnish viscosity at a consistent level and prevents dust and dirt getting mixed by the enclosed doctor blade system, thus enabling high quality of smooth varnish coating.


Magnetic cylinder die-cutting unit

Magnetic cylinder saves balancing time and responds to various short-run jobs.


PS plate punching device

Magnifiers enable the accurate punching of plate.


In-line adhesive-killing and adhesive surface printing unit

provides adhesive-killing technology with the same print quality achieved on a full rotary press.
Applicable sorts of web... Gloss, PET, Yupo, etc.